Receive Your Life – A System for Happiness

The root cause of unhappiness is having a misunderstanding of your value. This misunderstanding is some version of the mistaken belief that inherently there is something wrong with the way you are, that somehow you are not enough.

Yet who you are is enough for one lifetime.

Your deepest desire is to be yourself and your greatest fear is that you can’t be.

We often tell ourselves once I have more money, less weight, better career, loving relationship…….., then I can be who I am. These desires that we strive for are secondary desires. Our primary desire is to be ourself and share the gift that we are.

Unhappiness does not come from unfulfilled secondary desires. Unhappiness stems from feeling there is something inherently wrong with us.

It is your nature to give, you love to give. However, you don’t want to give your false, compromised self. You want to give the essence of who and what you are.

If there is a kink, obstruction, in your giving and receiving flow it is because you have a misunderstanding of your value. To compensate for this shame, this misunderstanding, you compromise yourself and withhold the gift that you are.  This cycle of attempting to be who you’re not and hiding who you are, ultimately leads to resentment and resignation – deep levels of unhappiness.

You will find the gift that you are in your shame.

The Receive Your Life system is very individualized and works with your personal data. By working with the system you identify your pieces (your values, your desires and your resistance). Receiving your life is living the life you came here to live. Not the life you believe you ‘should’ live, rather the life you are designed to live. Happiness, prosperity, satisfaction and joy rise to the surface the moment you stop compromising and withholding your true self.

You can learn and apply the system to your life through online classes or individual coaching sessions.

Receive Your Life