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Receive Your Life

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Releasing the Shame of Who You Are and What You Want

The Courage to Be You

Receive Your Life is a coaching system that supports you in figuring out once and for all your purpose in life. It’s short term focused coaching and usually requires 5 to 6 coaching sessions. Our time together is spent on uncovering three aspects of yourself; your ¬†values, your desires and where you are not being honest with yourself. With this information you will have clarity on what is yours to do and what isn’t and you will also understand the compromising patterns that may be blocking you from getting what you want.

When we are not being honest with ourselves we end up compromising ourselves. It is impossible to live as our authentic self and make the contribution we came here to make if we are being less than honest with ourselves.

Most people are not honest with themselves and that’s why they are not experiencing the success, the relationships and the satisfaction they deserve. We have mistakenly been taught that if we compromise ourselves, living a life of shoulds, that eventually we will get what we want. Life doesn’t work that way. Once we travel down the path of compromising ourselves the compromises tend to continue until we hit a wall and then they eventually have to be unwound. These compromises may show up in our finances, our relationships, our family, our careers or our health.

Receiving your life is about living soul satisfying success. An honest life benefits you and the people you love. Soul satisfying success is not only living an honest life it is also living a life free of anxiety. We become anxious when we feel there is something inherently wrong with us that we have to withhold sharing from others or believe we have to sell out to survive. Both of these are untrue. Your purpose in life is to be you and to make the contribution you came here to make. Anything less than that will feel like the booby prize to you and will leave you feeling depressed, frustrated, anxious and lethargic.

The Receive Your Life system is not about self-improvement. You can’t improve on who you are but what you can do is release the false and uncover the beauty, truth and the gift you came here to share. Through working with the 5 Step Receive Your Life system the quality of your life will dramatically improve. You’ll move from confusion to clarity and from fear to faith. Faith in yourself and in your ability to live a satisfying and generous life.


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