Receive Your Life

You are designed to live in harmony with yourself. That is why there is always enough time, money and energy to receive your life. If you are struggling, confused or experiencing scarcity or anxiety in any aspect of your life, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed. Rather, it is an indication that you have a misunderstanding of your value. You are currently perceiving yourself in a way that is diminishing or less than who you truly are.

The 5 Step Receive Your Life Coaching System is designed to get you back on track living the rich and satisfying life you deserve to live. Through identifying your values, your desires and understanding your resistance you are naturally pulled back into the flow of your life.

The first thing you’ll notice when working with the Receive Your Life system is you’ll feel lighter and have greater clarity on what is yours to do and what isn’t. The practice of receiving your life does not remove you from the world, rather it gives you the courage and confidence to engage more deeply in a way that is both sustainable and satisfying for you and the people in your life.

You can use the system to focus in on any aspect of your life; money, time, relationships, career, purpose, parenting, health, etc. We offer tools and inspiration to support you in receiving your life. You can sign up to receive free weekly inspirational messages and/or you can decide to coach with me personally or take one of our classes.