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Your Authentic Self is the Gift

Living an authentic life is a gift you give to yourself and to others. Your power, your happiness, your peace, your greatest contribution comes from living as your authentic self. The world wants what you have to give. So often we believe we have to compromise to get by or fit in. Compromising limits the expression of our gift which in turn limits our joy and what we have available to share with others.  

Your authenticity is reflected back to you in what you love. You are perfectly designed to live a life you love. Living authentically can feel elusive and unattainable when we believe it has to look like another’s. Authentic means original not copied. When we look into the world for guidance on living our life, comparing ourselves with others, we are often left confused and uninspired. The way through is to listen and follow the inspiration you are receiving.

If you are living a compromised life, withholding the gift that you are, you may feel depressed, frustrated and unsatisfied. Why? Because your energy is designed to flow and when you’re feeling an inner conflict, something is off.

By working with the 5 steps in the book Choosing Your Bigger Yes you will be able to answer lifelong questions such as: who am I, what is the meaning of my life, what is my purpose, why am I unhappy or dissatisfied, how do I tap into my joy? The book provides a system for you to answer those questions for yourself.

This site is here to support you on the journey of living an authentic and satisfying life. You deserve to live a life you love.

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