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Soul satisfying success is not only living an authentic life it is also living a life free of anxiety. We become anxious when we feel there is something inherently wrong with us or believe we have to sell out to survive. Both of these are untrue. You are your most powerful and effective self when all of you is present. So often we feel we have to compromise and live an either/or life. Either I can be my authentic self or I can have what I want on the physical plane. This work is about bringing heaven to earth, bringing your full spiritual authentic self to the physical plane and thriving.

The Receive Your Life system is not about self-improvement. However when you work with the 5 steps in the Receive Your Life system the quality of your life will improve. When we have a misunderstanding of our value we tend to live more from our compromised self rather than our authentic self. This is what causes us pain and dissatisfaction.

Fortunately there is a way through. By working with the steps in my book Choosing Your Bigger Yes: 5 Steps to an Authentically Happy Life you will uncover your authentic self by identifying your desires and your values and you also will learn what stops you from living as your authentic self. It is a very personalized process because you are working with your data. Your life is not going to look like anyone else’s. You are a unique individualized expression of Spirit who came here to share the gift that you are.

You can begin the journey of receiving your life by signing up for the free weekly inspiration messages, listening to the weekly Receive Your Life radio show, reading the blog, purchasing the book or signing up for a coaching session. If you have any questions about the 5 Step process or how to get started, please send me an email at



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