“I love Janice’s teaching. She is so present and authentic, I feel that I could put my hand right through her ego.” Nancy F.

“Janice Campbell is a fabulous teacher! She not only knows her subjects thoroughly, she teaches from what she has experienced herself. Her classes reflect her own deep inner work, her unflagging commitment to truth and her extraordinary ability to guide you to new awareness while always feeling good about yourself in the process. She is, hands down, one of the best teachers I have ever had and my only regret is that I have not been in more of her classes.” Karen R.

“I appreciate the passion and excitement Janice has about teaching spiritual principles. She is an enthusiastic inspiration for all of us learning about spiritual unfoldment. She gets down to the heart of life.” Richard G.

“I have been a happy student of Janice’s. I appreciate her joyful delivery, interesting content, clarity and practical examples. But most of all I am drawn to her enthusiasm and ability to connect with her students and bring a sense of inclusion.” Elizabeth G.

“I enjoy her classroom demeanor and her workshop leadership.” Jim K.

“Receive Your Life has ushered me into more of who I really am. I didn’t realize the ways I was blocking my own good; I didn’t even fully realize that I AM good! I’m happier, I feel free, my marriage is better, and I’m not living out of fear and scarcity. She gave direct feedback, got to the point, and gave me tools to use for myself. I was surprised by the quick results, and yet deep and meaningful change.” Victoria A.

“Janice has a subtle way of nudging you to see the answers you already knew were there. After each teleclass I always feel I have taken the next right step for myself.” Cyndi P.

“Janice has a keen outlook on the conditions and situations we adults are trying to adjust to and make improvements in our lives. I found Janice’s knowledge and teaching methods very useful and will take other courses she offers.” Robert C.

“My life has changed dramatically since I first started working with Receive Your Life. I feel lighter, happier, less stressed, more energized, more free and clearer about what is mine to do and what is not. I see who I am and the value of what I have to offer in this lifetime. I have been able to move away from investing time in what I thought I “should” do or needed to “fix” or activities that once inspired me but have exceeded their expiration date. Instead, I now look to see what is my next inspired step. When I feel scared, I remember to go smaller to get bigger. And when I feel uncertain, I know now to just get closer and clarity will be revealed. I am very grateful for and enthusiastic about Receive Your Life and love sharing my excitement with friends, clients and colleagues.” Nancy F.

“Janice’s Receive Your Life Teleclass is phenomenal!! The foundation principles/steps are easy to understand and really hit home with me. Janice has an amazing gift for helping me recognize patterns of thinking and beliefs that get in the way of getting what I want. It doesn’t seem to matter what issue or problem each of us on the call might be dealing with, the guidance that Janice provides to one member of the group seems to help all of us apply it to our own situations. Janice is upbeat, compassionate and very encouraging. It’s obvious that she “walks the talk.” Linda Z.

“Janice pierced right through to the heart of my concern so quickly that I might have felt uncomfortable, if it weren’t for this huge wave of love and respect I felt from her.  That was what made it easy for me to let her words of advice in so deeply.  And I think that’s why things changed so fast for me after that.” Vicki C.

“Janice is masterful in getting right to the core issue in her coaching.  She is so skillful in helping clients peel off the layers of limiting beliefs to get to their true nature and desires.  Her coaching has been invaluable to my process and my joy in bringing forth a recent new life chapter.  Many of the tools I have used to make a major life decision have been from her!” Nevin V.

“Janice is able to cut to the heart of the matter quickly, offering insights and a higher perspective that allow me to reframe the way I’m approaching a challenge. She helps me get in touch with the truth of my Divine nature which opens up new streams of consciousness that lift me out of stuck places. I appreciate her kind, gentle, yet direct and definite approach to working through limiting beliefs that have frustrated and held me back. At the end of a coaching session with Janice there is light, possibility, expansiveness and joy!” Susan M.

“Heartfelt, insightful and spiritually grounded, Janice offers guidance that is unmatched” Kathleen B.