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Understanding the Receive Your Life System



The Receive Your Life System

Your path to a more purposeful and satisfying life will be unique to you, it will not look like anyone else’s. What brings joy and satisfaction to you may be neutral or even a burden to another. This system is designed to help you discover your uniqueness (personal values, desires and gifts) and let that […]

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Step 1: Becoming Aware

STEP 1: BECOMING AWARE is the first step in the process of receiving your life. You are becoming aware of the brilliance, beauty and truth of what you are. You are learning to listen to your inner wisdom. The language of your authentic self is communicating with you and letting you know the degree to […]

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Step 2: Revealing Your Values

  STEP 2: REVEALING YOUR VALUES is the second step in the process of receiving your life. This step is about looking deep inside, seeing what you are really about. This is about clarifying for yourself what you truly value, what is most important to you, what you love. Now, some readers may be saying, […]

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Step 4: Understanding Your Resistance

  So now, after these first three steps, you’re feeling good. You’re in the flow, having a good time, enjoying the people around you. And then, boom, you run into resistance. Your energy drops, you feel separate, small, invisible, powerless. What just happened? Where did your attention go? An event or a thought occurred that […]

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Understanding, Compassion and Forgiveness

The Practice of Understanding, Compassion and Forgiveness is officially part of Step 4 although as you work through the Receive Your Life system you will see that it is really an important part of each step.   When you get to Step 4 – Understanding Your Resistance – you may question why you would ever compromise […]

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Step 5: Taking Inspired Action

  STEP 5: TAKING INSPIRED ACTION is about making healthy choices that align with your values. It’s a practice. A moment by moment practice of receiving your life and sharing the gift that you are. Taking inspired action gives you a path to follow. You’re rewiring your brain to live a life that is aligned […]

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