Choosing Your Bigger Yes

Choosing Your Bigger YesYes!
It’s time to say Yes to You. It’s time to say Yes to Life.

Choosing Your Bigger Yes is your personal journey to soul satisfying success. The Choosing Your Bigger Yes process provides you with practical tools for uncovering and fully expressing the unique life you came here to live. Confusion and doubt will be replaced with clarity and traction. So often we feel we have to compromise to get along in the world. Yet, when we compromise we end up withholding and hiding our greatest gifts. We miss out; and so do our family, friends, colleagues, and all those our lives touch.

By working with these 5 Steps to an Authentically Happy Life you will know how it “feels” when your life is working. You will discover what is truly important to you, what you value and why. You will reveal your deepest desires. You will have the ability to move beyond the limiting beliefs that stop you. Ultimately you will have the tools to move gracefully back into the “flow” of your life. You will be empowered to choose your Bigger Yes over the lesser, compromised you in any moment or situation.

This is a system of processes, steps and exercises that can work for everyone no matter where in life and no matter what the belief system. Janice has distilled her work down to 5 simple steps. These steps are designed to support people in living lives that reflect their true values.

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