Free Intro Class – Marriage Tune-Up: Less Compromising, More Connecting

Is your relationship feeling heavy, possibly filled with resentment, disappointments and resignation? If so, it may be time to clean house. No, you don’t have to dispose of your partner to get your life back. However, what you do have to get rid of is the habit of compromising yourself.

It’s so easy to compromise ourselves in our relationships. It may start off subtly, we’re trying to keep the peace or please the other; but over time it can escalate to the point where we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore. All compromising eventually has to be unwound. You can unwind it in your marriage or you can unwind it by leaving your marriage.

If you don’t want to end your marriage to stop compromising yourself, you will find value in the class. You can participate in this class either with your partner or by yourself. The work you will be doing will be solely focused on you even though ultimately it will also benefit your partner. In this free introductory class you will have the opportunity to tune up your relationship with your partner and with yourself.

By the end of the class you will:

1) Begin to remember Who You Are and What You Want
2) Understand Why and How You Compromise Yourself
3) Identify Inspired Steps You Can Take to Create a More Satisfying and Sustainable Relationship Both With Your Partner and With Yourself