In our time together I will absolutely be coaching you to resolve your current inner conflicts to get back on track with your life. However, while we are coaching together you will also be learning the Receive Your Life System. This will allow you to use the tools over and over again throughout your life. It’s similar to giving a person a fish vs. teaching them how to fish.

You Have the Power

You have the power to shape your life any way you want. This is easier than at first it may appear because your life has been trying to be lived through you for a very long time. If what you want is what you truly desire and is not based on fear or scarcity, I can guarantee you will get the results you want.

We will work together until you are clear on who you are and what you want. You won’t get what you want because you’re a nice person, or because you have paid your dues, or because you got lucky. When you live the gift that you are, your life will reflect your heart’s desires. You deserve to live the life you have been given to live. There is a life force that wants to be expressed through you and as you.

All Coaching Roads Lead to Rome

The coaching I do covers a wide array of topics. However, it doesn’t matter what door you enter. It may be the door of money, relationships, purpose or parenting, etc. If you are feeling resistance in any area of your life, it is an indication that you have a misunderstanding of your value.

Through working with the Receive Your Life System you will uncover your values, your desires and understand your resistance. With this clarity your decisions will guide you back home to your true self. Not only will you experience a vast improvement in the quality of your life, but the quality of life for the people you interact with on a daily basis will also improve.

Getting What You Want

Our deepest desire is to be who we are and our greatest fear is that we can’t be.  Ultimately we all just want to feel good about who we are and how we choose to live our life.

These are the three main areas we will focus on in our coaching sessions:

  1. What do you want?
  2. What gets in the way of you experiencing what you want?
  3. How to release the ‘shoulds’ and the patterns of compromising yourself that constrict your giving and receiving flow.

It’s that simple. Living your full potential is accessible to you now.

Through our personal coaching sessions you will learn a system that you can use the rest of your life.

“Janice pierced right through to the heart of my concern so quickly that I might have felt uncomfortable, if it weren’t for this huge wave of love and respect I felt from her.  That was what made it easy for me to let her words of advice in so deeply.  And I think that’s why things changed so fast for me after that.”

Vicki C.

“Janice is masterful in getting right to the core issue in her coaching.  She is so skillful in helping clients peel off the layers of limiting beliefs to get to their true nature and desires.  Her coaching has been invaluable to my process and my joy in bringing forth a recent new life chapter.  Many of the tools I have used to make a major life decision have been from her!”

Nevin V.

“Heartfelt, insightful and spiritually grounded, Janice offers guidance that is unmatched”

Kathleen B.

Each coaching session will last between 20-40 minutes. This work is not about time. It’s about clarity and identifying the areas of your life where you are compromising yourself. Sometimes we’re able to hit on something quickly and that will be the inspired action for the week and other times it may take a little longer. That is why there is a range of 20-40 minutes.  Email me to schedule your sessions. Once scheduled, the call in number for your coaching session is 415-408-3906.

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