Parenting Coaching

Parenting coaching is about raising healthy happy children and having fun in your role as a parent. Raising kids is a marathon, not a sprint. It is important that your relationship with your kids is sustainable for both of you.

Every parent loves their child and wants to provide them with the best possible life. However, because we love them so much we often become afraid for them. We want to prepare and protect them from the world out there. From this perspective we end up focusing on what’s wrong rather than celebrating what’s working.

Receive Your Life for Parents begins with you gaining clarity on your values and what you want for yourself. If you’re compromising yourself, what your kids will get from you is a compromised version of who you are. This usually looks a lot like resentment and resignation. That’s not what they want nor what they deserve. They want to learn from you that it is safe to be who they are. If you are enjoying your life and feeling you’re enough, your kids will learn from you that life is to be enjoyed and that they are enough too .

People often reach out for parenting support when they feel their kids are doing something wrong.  Receive Your Life coaching takes a different approach. It begins with supporting you to release the misunderstandings you may have about your value. When your children see you confident and satisfied with yourself, it is easier for them to appreciate and respect their value and to act accordingly.

The Receive Your Life for Parents system works the same whether you are parenting toddlers, school age children, teens, adult children, a single parent, a co-parent or a dual parent. By allowing yourself to receive your life you have more to give your children.

It is never too late to shift the relationship with your child and open up better lines of communication.

Results from Parenting Coaching

At the completion of our working together, you will:

  • Understand yourself, your values, your desires and where you run into resistance to being your true self.
  • Understand your child, what is important to them, what they want, who they are and what causes them to resist and withhold their true self.
  • Be able to support your child in becoming their best self.
  • Connect with your child in a deeper more authentic way that is satisfying to both of you.
  • Have more fun raising your kids!

Each coaching session will last between 20-40 minutes. This work is not about time. It’s about clarity and identifying the areas of your life where you are compromising yourself. Sometimes we’re able to hit on something quickly and that will be the inspired action for the week and other times it may take a little longer. That is why there is a range of 20-40 minutes.  Email me to schedule your sessions. Once scheduled, the call in number for your coaching session is 415-408-3906.


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