Podcast – Unity Radio

Receive Your Life produced 210 shows in a podcast series on Unity Online Radio from 2011-2015

Show Description

These podcasts are a discussion of Receive Your Life from different angles. By listening to these shows you’ll be able to answer the question,  “Am I receiving my life, living the life I’ve been given to live or am I compromising myself, living a fraction of who I am?” Do you feel in your heart and soul that there is more to life than what you are experiencing? If so, you are probably dancing with divine discontent. We experience divine discontent when we are living as our compromised self rather than our authentic self. In each episode of this program, the focus will be on how and why you compromise yourself and how to get back into the flow of your life. You are perfectly designed to live a purposeful and prosperous life. Anything less is an indication that you have a misunderstanding your value.

Your relationship with yourself-where you are living from in consciousness-impacts all areas of your life, including your finances, career, relationship with your partner, kids, family, friends, colleagues, weight, health, and so on. These podcasts share practical tools to support you in living soul-satisfying success.

All of the shows are available on itunes

“I have been listening to this show for years now. Janice Campbell is a truly gifted coach who always inspires me to try her exercises and to keep on the path of spiritual growth. Her insights are profound and simple and her approach is friendly and very accessible. I always learn a lot about life, myself, and the way forward. The show has helped me to become a better person and I am very grateful to her for sharing her wisdom and love.”

“Love this show and Janice. Always feel better and lighter after listening.”