Push/Pulls and Obsessive-Compulsive Energies


How does obsessive or compulsive energies play into push/pulls? –

I have a high capacity for focused detail, which I enjoy when I am focused on things I love – super sleuthing…

But that same focus can get stuck sorting something for work and it’s hard to stop without resisting the pull strongly, like being swept in a current. It feels quite natural, one might say ‘in the flow’, to just let it roll, and I can be very in the grove. I feel ‘pulled’ into the flow, but at the end of the day, I have hurt my body with poor posture at the computer, not eating properly, and not taking a break, plus I don’t like how I’ve spent my day. Is that the resistance? Some part of me really gets into it, but I find myself saying, I don’t want to spend my life this way. I don’t want to be consumed by this work. It’s like empty calories.

So I don’t know how this plays into the equations of pushes and pulls, since it feels in the flow but not in a good way?



It is important when writing down your push/pulls to do it without judgment. At this point you are just gathering data. We’ll be using your push/pulls to learn more about your authentic self and your compromised self. Sounds like focusing is a gift of yours. Like every gift it can be a blessing or a curse depending upon how you use it. You know you are going to focus, because that is an aspect of who you are, so you have to be discerning about where you place that gift.

When you say things like I don’t like how I’ve spent my day and empty calories, yes that is resistance. And there is wisdom in your resistance. Your true self is alerting you that something is off. It may be an indication that you are longing for something more than what you are currently allowing yourself to receive. We will need to look deeper into understanding your values, what is most important to you and your desires, how you wish to express your desires. In a situation like this we would slow down the push/pulls and pay attention to when a pull turned into a push and vice versa.

We will work with all of your energies – obsessive, compulsive, etc. The reason why is because they all provide an incredible amount of information about who you are and who you aren’t. All of your push/pulls will lead us to your authentic self.