The Receive Your Life System

Your path to a more purposeful and satisfying life will be unique to you, it will not look like anyone else’s. What brings joy and satisfaction to you may be neutral or even a burden to another. This system is designed to help you discover your uniqueness (personal values, desires and gifts) and let that guide how you live your life. In doing so, you will experience a natural alignment of all that is important to you and a realization of your purpose.

The Receive Your Life system will bring clarity to your thinking. You will be able to discern between inspired action and when you are going through the motions of your “shoulds.” Receiving your life is an ongoing practice and approach to finding your authentic self and living the life you have been given to live. Trying to live any other life will always feel like a compromise to you and will ultimately be unsatisfying. Every person has the potential to directly experience his or her own success.


“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

  • Christopher Morley


The Receive Your Life system is comprised of 5 simple steps to help you realize a more purposeful and satisfying life. Once on the path of receiving your life, you will immediately feel a shift in your energy. As you release your compromised self, i.e. the person you were taught to be or believed you should be, you will feel lighter and more present to your life.


When we live as our compromised self, we end up living a fragmented version of who we are. There are parts of us that we feel free sharing and other parts that we feel we have to withhold or hide from others. Sometimes we are afraid of really looking at ourselves; we think we are going to find something within ourselves that we are ashamed of or won’t like. However, it doesn’t work that way.

You are not going to find anything within your true self that you do not love.

What you may not be crazy about is the compromised self you thought you had to become, should become, or perhaps had been led to believe you already were.

Most of us go back and forth between living as our compromised self and as our authentic self throughout the day; however, each time you consciously travel the journey from your compromised self to your authentic self, your faith in yourself and in life expands. You will come to realize that there is never a time when you can’t turn within and feel your wholeness

The 5 Steps of the Receive Your Life System are:

Step 1: Becoming Aware

Step 2: Revealing Your Values

Step 3: Recognizing Your Desires

Step 4: Understanding Your Resistance

Step 5: Taking Inspired Action

Each step includes exercises that build on the previous one and examples are provided throughout

Working with these steps is a process. It is a process of looking inside to find out who you really are. From there, the process moves into your making decisions on a daily basis that align your thoughts, words and actions with your authentic self.

These 5 Steps can unlock your unique roadmap to a purposeful and satisfying life


It is really important for you to keep a log throughout this process, for two reasons. The first is to keep track of what you are learning about yourself. Your log is a place for you to record your data so you can begin to see patterns and gain greater clarity on your pieces which are your values, desires and resistance.

The second reason is because once you have travelled through a space in consciousness, it is easy to forget where you used to be. At times, you may become discouraged, questioning if anything in your life is changing or if you’re making any progress. By reviewing the ground you’ve travelled, you will be inspired to keep going.

Charting The

5 Step Receive Your Life System

The following chart briefly describes the 5 steps and lists related exercises

# Name of

This Step


This Step

Exercise Used

In This Step

1 Becoming Aware The first step to living a purposeful and satisfying life is to become more aware of yourself and how your energy naturally flows. Seeing

My Push/Pulls



2 Revealing



With awareness, you reveal your values, who you are and what is most important to you. Revealing

My Values



3 Recognizing



Once you reveal your values, you will become more aware of how you want to express and live your values. These expressions are your desires. Recognizing

My Desires


4 Understanding Your


You will be able to see and understand where you experience resistance to living as your true self. Understanding

My Resistance


5 Taking Inspired Action Once you have the increased clarity of who you are, what you want and where you get stopped, you can make choices that align with your true self. Taking Inspired Action