Step 2: Revealing Your Values


STEP 2: REVEALING YOUR VALUES is the second step in the process of receiving your life. This step is about looking deep inside, seeing what you are really about. This is about clarifying for yourself what you truly value, what is most important to you, what you love.

Now, some readers may be saying, “I am not sure I live according to my values. How can I know? How can I know what my truest values are?” Let’s dig in deeper here to know more about personal values.


We live our daily lives, frequently too busy to focus on or define clearly all of our values. We know in general that a value is a philosophy that guides us, even when we are not consciously aware this guidance is taking place. We take many of our values in from our societies, our families, our communities, our religions, and sometimes our professions as well. Values are most definitely valuable. They give purpose and meaning to our lives and behaviors.

Knowing your values allows you to feel purpose in what you do, think, say and feel. Each and every one of us follows the guidance of values when we make choices and decisions about our lives and our behaviors. So how do you name your own personal values? How do you choose which values are yours? Step 2: REVEALING MY VALUES EXERCISE helps you reveal to yourself what you truly value and what matters most to you in your life.

Step 2



If you were asked to write a list of your values, you might be tempted to write down what you believe you should value. This is natural, as many of us are told throughout our lives what we are supposed to believe is important, supposed to believe is valuable. However, your own personal values are not necessarily what others have told you that you should value.

In this exercise, you will be seeking to notice and name your own personal values even if these values are not exactly what the outside world tells you that you should value. You started listing your pushes and pulls in Step 1: BECOMING AWARE where you did the SEEING MY PUSH/PULLS EXERCISE. Now, look into your pulls to find what you truly value.

Example of Some Values Taken From Pulls…


  1. Pull – Signing up for a writing class.

Values: Self-expression, creativity, being focused, clarity, learning.


  1. Pull – Visiting the dogs at the animal shelter.

Values: Life, compassion, love, community, play, helping.


  1. Pull – Attending the meditation class.

Values: Peace, connection, community, silence, relaxation.


  1. Pull – Making homemade pizza on the grill.

Values: Creativity, being outdoors, nurturing, family.


  1. Pull – Shopping spree I went on with my niece.

Values: Playfulness, connection, family, fashion, fun.


  1. Pull – Working on my water color painting.

Values: Beauty, creative expression, sensitivity, focus, nature, productivity.


  1. Pull – Preparing for our backpacking trip.

Values: Organization, adventure, self-reliance, strength, connection, friendship, health.


  1. Pull – Completing the audit at work.

Values: Productivity, completion, accomplishment, accountability.


  1. Pull – Working on the committee for fundraising.

Values: Leadership, teamwork, fun, community, collaboration.


  1. Pull – Opening up my investment account.

Values: Independence, financial security, freedom, planning.





By reviewing your values, you will notice you put more weight on some values than on others. You can’t and wouldn’t want to put equal value on everything. Some of your values are more important to you than others. When you align your life with your true values, you are putting a stake in the ground and declaring: This is who I am.

There is a special peace that washes over you when you recognize yourself in your values.

From this place of clarity, you stop fighting against others, stop trying to convince them of your worthiness. And you drop your defensiveness. You turn within and recognize your wholeness. You realize you can stop working so hard to get others to agree with you. 

Acknowledging your own set of values allows you to tune into your personal energy, your own personal frequency.

The combination of your values is the gift that you are.

It is what you love and what you came here to share. When you know what you value, your brain’s receptors start clearly picking up what is yours to do, to be, to express, and what is not yours to do, to be, to express. When you know what you value, you have the sense of being grounded, of being clear enough to live from your values.

Knowing your true values gives you the freedom to be your authentic self and to live a life of integrity, an authentic life.